Jain College, Hubli-Logo

Jain College Hubli, is an institute of the prestigious JGI Group headquartered at Bangalore

. The group represents a cluster of 85 educational establishments that are home to over 45000 students from across the world & over 4500 staff
members engaged at the P-12, undergraduate & postgraduate levels across 64 campuses and centres of excellence.

The institutions started by The JGI Group have a strong foundation for hundreds of rewarding careers in academics, research, business and the service sectors. Jain College intends to provide result-oriented education that extends beyond
theories and conceptual understanding to practical applications. At Jain College, we understand the pace of challenges to be faced and hence develop attitudes and personalities. Jain College has been instrumental in creating a paradigm
shift in the educational scenario in the region of North Karnataka. We welcome you for an exciting journey of learning, where excellence is a way of life, creativity is a habit and students are prepared for challenges of change.