Value Added Programs

Jain College Hubli believes in nurturing young minds with knowledge and exposure through innovative and interactive learning to transform them into professionals that can face the corporate world with utmost competence. The value-added programs offered by the institution help students broaden their horizon of knowledge and overall personality. The students receive a certificate at the completion of every program. It helps them develop inter-disciplinary skills in accordance with the corporate needs and offers them exposure in their field of interest with new advancements in learning.

Stock Market

A Program titled “Certificate in Stock Market” is offered. This course revolves around for students to start their investment plans. How to invest in stock market and learn financial analysis.

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Stock Market


A program titled “Certificate in Entrepreneurship” is offered. This course revolves around the identification of business opportunities, sources of finance etc. It covers areas such as feasibility, procedures involved in startups etc.

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Event Management

A program titled “Certificate in Event Management” is offered. Students are exposed to the conduction of events, pre-event planning and execution, people management and finance management. This program is designed for students who wish to make their career in event management industry like wedding planners, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Event Management

Digital Marketing

A certificate course in Digital Marketing is offered. Students get to learn how to focus on content to attract customers. Content uses blogs, podcasts, videos etc as the vehicle. This is for the students who wish to choose digital marketing as their career.

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Digital Marketing

Advertisement and Branding

A certificate course in Advertisement and Branding is offered to students to learn how to promote products and attract customers. How brands are created by using goodwill.

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Advertisement and Branding

The Evolution of Marketing through Digital Marketing

The use of the internet and modern technology to improve business processes and compete with changing market needs has helped develop a new branch of marketing known as digital marketing. With digital marketing becoming an integral part of marketing practices and a promising career option, students must explore it. Keeping in mind the growing scope of digital marketing, Jain College, Hubli organized a webinar titled Digital Marketing Strategies and Trends on July 24, 2021. A total of 71 students attended the webinar.

The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Kiran L. Maney, Assistant Professor and Course Facilitator in the arena of marketing at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Center for Management Studies, and Head of the Conference and FDP team. Dr. Kiran, in her speech, said that marketing is getting evolved with technology to facilitate a better understanding of consumer demand bringing digital marketing into the picture that identifies and creates new market trends and various strategies to crack the sales. She said that, unlike traditional strategies, digital marketing allows the usage of multiple channels, enabling brands to reach their customers on their terms, various devices and platforms, and with more time flexibility. The session discussed trends related to data analytics, social media marketing, and search-based advertising. The address highlighted strategies involved in marketing to reach out to potential customers with the help of better content, platforms, and media. The webinar also focused on website creation, content writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), along with website monetization, creating a QR code for personal or official use, and information on affiliate marketing.

Students were amazed to know the impact of technology in the market and how social media and other platforms could make profits for business organizations. The complete overview of strategies, their effects, and result analytics were introduced to students for them to understand the dynamic market needs. Students were informed about the available courses that Google offers in the field of digital marketing. The session provided valuable insights into SEO, trends in marketing and digital marketing, and the need to evolve ourselves.

An Educational Webinar on Advertising and Branding

Advertising and branding, with time, have transformed into tools that help a business grow. They help businesses acquire and retain customers, as well as drive sales and profits. Jain College, Hubli organized a webinar titled Advertising and Branding on July 17, 2021, to offer students valuable insights into advertisement and branding. A total of 61 participants attended the webinar.

The keynote speaker for the webinar was Mr. Abhishek Venkateshwar, Course Facilitator and Coordinator - Student Development at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Center for Management Studies, Reviewer - IJERT, and Award Leader - DoE. The webinar created awareness about the importance of advertising and branding with various examples. The activity conducted during the session enabled students to come up with their brand ideas and understand the importance of branding for goodwill. To offer a better understanding of branding as a concept, the resource person had asked the participants to work on a pre-assignment that required them to build an impressive portfolio and present the same. Mr. Abhishek gave some examples to explain that emotional touch, when attached to the advertisement of a product or service, can catch consumers’ attention. He mentioned that branding requires a decent knowledge of business for advertising since the product market and demands are constantly changing.

The webinar included a small quiz related to concepts of marketing and advertising. It was an informative session on creating a strong brand image with various strategies and the platforms available to reach out to the customers.

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