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Passion to Profession to Profit - The Social Media Dynamics

The webinar, Passion to Profession to Profit, took place on July 2, 2021, with keynote speaker as Mrs. Seema Vikas Gadiya, an internationally acclaimed personality transformation coach, motivational speaker, content creator, recipient of South India Women Achievers Award, and winner of “Super Hero” title and many more. She has also been honored by the Government of India as a Covid-19 warrior. The objective of the session was to enlighten students on how to turn their passion into a source of income with the available resources, and a total of 125 participants attended the webinar.

The speaker covered the points to be kept in mind to make one's passion turn into one's profession. She highlighted the importance of the 4H formula in life; be happy, hungry, humble, and helpful. She suggested that the best way to achieve a professional goal is to create an elevator pitch supporting its vision. She said, “Passion is all about vision, enthusiasm, and energy which leads to success.” She further added that following the industry leaders of their area or field of interest on social media could keep students inspired and determined. She asked the students to become an example for society as their stories too can inspire others to follow their dreams. While trying to explain how social media works, she said, “Trust yourself, be genuine and authentic, and be clear in your ideas. The 3Cs, create, collaborate, and communicate, are the main mantra for turning passion into profit.”

The webinar helped students understand the importance of social media presence and the art of connecting their talent to the profession. The session enlightened them on how social media works and how one can remain relevant on the same. They also understood the importance of LinkedIn profiles. The guest speaker cleared the doubts related to social media usage in business. Overall the webinar was a success.

REBOOT - Strive to Become the Best Version of Yourself

The webinar, Reboot - Strive to Become the Best Version of Yourself, intended to emphasize the importance of performance and motivation in bouncing back to get the best out of students even in this time of Covid-19. A total of 98 participants attended the session delivered by Ms. Juvi Alex, a professional speaker, corporate trainer, and the founder of Speak|Lead|Transform, on June 18, 2021.

The webinar focused on making students realize how to master themselves and become better individuals. Ms. Juvi said that during these unprecedented times, no matter what kind of circumstances we find ourselves dealing with, we always have the power to make the best of our situation as the choice is ours. She further added that individuals can make well-informed decisions every day if they learn to master themselves. Her speech highlighted the importance of reigniting our motivation, believing in ourselves, and developing the ability to accomplish incredible things. She said, “Personal mastery will strengthen our confidence and help us to take 100 percent responsibility for our lives and our results. It is time to identify the blocks that are holding us back from showing up as our best self.” She encouraged everyone to begin an exciting journey of self-discovery, and adopt a positive mindset to deal with a challenging and changing world. “Challenge your assumptions about success. It is time to bounce forward. It is time to restart, recharge, redesign, and reboot." said Ms. Juvi Alex.

Overall the session was a success, and students could understand the importance of positivity and self-confidence. Students were offered inputs to help them have a clear vision of how to achieve their goals.

How to Connect the Disconnect? - An Informative Session by Mrs. Nanda Anegundi

The students are coping with the changes brought in the education system in the wake of Covid-19. This new normal is undeniably overwhelming and confusing, and to address the same, a webinar titled How to Connect the Disconnect? was organized on June 12, 2021. The keynote speaker for the webinar was Mrs. Nanda Anegundi, a renowned student counselor certified from the University of Brighton, UK. She is also a soft skill trainer, IQ and aptitude trainer, and certified handwriting mentor. A total of 70 participants attended the webinar.

The webinar's objective was to enhance the cognitive abilities of students in facing exams for better results. The session included activities and examples intending to enable students to overcome reading difficulties and other learning obstacles and empower them to achieve their highest educational goals. The session focused on how to stay connected in these testing times to the outside world and academics. Mrs. Nanda Anegundi highlighted that the only way is to engage, encourage, and endeavor. She said that students should develop cognitive abilities to enhance the experience of learning through the new model of education. She reiterated that self-acceptance is one's mirror view, and one should gain self-confidence to have a clear vision and target line. Her concluding remarks were, "Aim it, reach it, and ring your own victory bell."

The session was informative in nature and generated a positive response from the audience for its innovative approach and relevancy.

Emotional Intelligence - An Intriguing Session Emotional Well-Being

The webinar, Emotional Intelligence, was delivered by Ms. Shilpa Somanathan, Founder of SWADHAIA, on July 9, 2021. Ms. Shilpa is a renowned healer, therapist, clinical psychologist, soft skill trainer, NLP practitioner, handwriting analyst, theta healer, and counselor. The session aimed at training students on controlling their emotions for better decision-making and balanced life. A total of 56 participants attended the session.

The speaker mentioned, "The ability to express and control emotions is essential, but the ability to understand, interpret, and respond to others' emotions is equally important." The session focused on training the human brain, which decides how it responds to any situation. It also covered how to escape the emotional hijack to make our reasoning skills better. Ms. Shilpa said that the intensity of feelings could affect the decision-making skills of an individual. She further added that the ability to manage emotions effectively is a crucial part of emotional intelligence. The session also highlighted how identifying our strengths and understanding our limitations can make things clear and provide a better analysis of an individual’s response.

The webinar enabled students to understand the various aspects of emotions and how to handle them effectively. The students had a good interaction with the resource person and cleared their doubts about the emotional hijacking. The two-way interaction turned out to be more helpful as it cleared many confusions on mind training with short examples. Managing emotions is a difficult task for youngsters as they deal with various ups and downs. This session convinced the students to opt for different methods to lead a balanced life.

Stock Market Analysis - An Informative Session by Professor Thanga Kumar R.

Mr. Thanga Kumar R., Assistant Professor at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Center for Management Studies (CMS), delivered a webinar titled, Stock Market Analysis, on July 26, 2021. A total of 45 participants attended the session. The webinar aimed at introducing students to the stock market and make them familiar with various market terminologies and updates.

The session conducted by Professor Thanga Kumar provided awareness on the stock market. He highlighted that profit is not the only thing associated with investments in the stock market; there is also a substantial amount of risk involved. He said, “Invest, but be prepared for risk.” The session focused on how important it is to be well aware of a particular domain and various types of trading platforms in the stock market, which never limits the people based on their geographical area, experience, or other elements. During the session, various industry-specific terminologies related to the potential market to invest in were explained. It included concepts like book value, face value effects on stock market prices, ROE, PB ratio, equity funds, the difference between market value and market capitalization, etc.

The webinar enabled students to have a better understanding of technical analysis of market data and understand the financial behavior of stocks for them to be able to identify the ones that can yield maximum benefits. Students were made aware of the benefits and the potential of returns in the stock market compared to the alternatives like bank cash deposits, gold, and government bonds. They were excited to know how they could own a tiny part of a company through stocks. They learned about jargons, risks, and profits involved in trading. The speaker answered various questions related to the stock market and investments. “There are great challenges and great opportunities, which if utilized with better knowledge in stocks can yield maximum profits.”, concluded the keynote speaker.

Focus - A Key to Success

With the primary objective of reinforcing the focus in students for them to be able to utilize their energy to the fullest and have successful careers, on June 25, 2021, the webinar, Focus – A Key to Success, was delivered by Mr. Ramani Venkat. Mr. Venkat is an NLP trainer, mentor to various startups, serial entrepreneur, and sales and strategic consultant to mid-sized companies. A total of 226 participants attended the session.

The keynote speaker mentioned that various distractions make one shift away from one’s goal. He said that it is vital for individuals to reaffirm their commitment to their plans to set a purpose and direction to achieve them. The first point in his speech covered the significance of setting goals. He quoted Benjamin Franklin and said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” He explained that goals help individuals set priorities and remain motivated and committed to their success. He then moved on to discuss how following one course until success is vital. He said that setting priorities with short-term goals can help you see what you need to do next, and working through goals can help you feel more in control and reduce stress. He signified the importance of learning and said that individuals must surround themselves with positive people and gain knowledge outside the classroom to take up new challenges. He also spoke about creativity and said that creativity comes from being exposed to different things in life. He then spoke about focusing on learning how to apply concepts. He said, “Goals should be realistic, specific, and should have a time frame.”

The interactive and activity-based session offered valuable insights into the topic. The students got to know about smart goals and how to apply concepts in real life. The resource person narrated stories and connected them to his five aspects of focus for students to have better clarity.

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